Our journey to happily ever after

Chris and Jenna met in December of 2009. Their love story begins with a week of texting back and forth after making a connection through a mutual friend. They didn’t even know what each other looked like! Within a few days of texting, they had quickly developed an undeniable chemistry. They finally met at a house party the following week. They quickly became great friends and on February 8, 2009 they began dating!

Their first date consisted of a movie and dinner. Jenna knew Chris must’ve liked her very much as he was willing to take her to see the first Twilight movie and didn't complain once!

Fast forward 7 years, they have moved from a bachelor apartment, to a high-rise 1 bedroom, to a rental house, and finally to the farm! They have 2 amazing dogs, Ruger (the little furball), and Henry (a giant loveable beast). The life they have built so far is pretty amazing...

The proposal:

Chris did an amazing job with the proposal prep! He bought a beautiful ring; it was exactly what Jenna wanted. Chris asked Jenna's dad for her hand in marriage (on father's day, which was risky...), and all that was left to do, was for Chris to ask Jenna!

A few months later Chris and Jenna traveled to St. Johns, NL to visit Chris's family, as they try to do once every year. Chris took her to Bell Island, which is one of Jenna's favourite places in Newfoundland. They walked around exploring and taking photographs. Chris asked Jenna to look out at the ocean and watch for Whales...and as she was talking away to Chris and looking out for Whales, Chris was secretly getting out the ring and preparing to pop the question. After a minute or so she turns around to see where Chris went and he is down on one knee presenting the most beautiful ring to her!

He said, "I love you. You're awesome. Will you marry me?"

Of course, with great excitement Jenna said “YES!”